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Sooooo there are several variations of this recipe that can fit a keto, paleo, and/or gluten free diet!  This is one of my super-fast go-to dinners when I don’t have a lot of time to cook something fancy!  

Paleo Keto Taco Bowl

Start with this Beef Base

  • 1 pound of organic grass fed and finished ground beef
  • Olive Oil
  • Taco Seasoning – I use Primal Palate packets
  • Sauces – to taste, I use Chipotle’s Siete Sauce
  1. Use a little bit of oil on the bottom of your pan. Wait until oil is hot and then place beef in the pan.
  2. Sprinkle and mix in your taco seasoning. I use Primal Palate Taco Seasoning. They make it in packets and a glass shaker. As I like mine a little on the spicy side, I use ½-2/3 of a packet.
  3. Mix in any extra sauces and/or seasonings. I added a little bit of Chipotle’s Siete Sauce. I start with a few shakes and then adjust to my liking until the beef is fully cooked.

Keto Version

Place your serving of beef in a bowl, top with a little organic Mexican cheese, guacamole, and/or sour cream—enjoy!

Paleo Version

You can also do a bowl as above if you are keeping the carbs low, omit the cheese, and use Kite Hill almond based sour cream.  OR if you want to make actual tacos instead of a bowl, I recommend using Siete’s hard taco shells or their cassava based base wraps.  

Both the keto and paleo versions are gluten free☺ 

Serve with a simple side salad or other veggie.  One of my personal favs that goes nicely is my sea salt and lime roasted kale recipe.

Dr. Emily Parke

Dr. Emily Parke

Dr. Emily Parke, D.O., is a certified functional medicine doctor, board-certified in anesthesiology & pediatric anesthesiology, and trained in medical acupuncture. She’s an experienced speaker in the medical and functional medicine community, and presently gives talks on a wide array of subjects.

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